Open Up That Watergate

©1973 Dan Scanlan

Open up that Watergate
Let the Truth come flowin' in.
America can get it's Haiphong kicks
Watchin' the National Sin.

We used to watch the VC die
On the Walter Cronkite News;
After seven years of protestin'
We get to hear the burglars' views.


Senator Sam and Dan Ellsberg,
Jack Anderson and Russo, too:
Where were you when my brothers died
And the war in'Nam was new?

Were you hidden from the TV screen
When you had the Truth in sight?
Or did you buy a bigger lie
From Eric Sevareid?


American television's always selling
What it knows is wrong.
They lies they expose are the ones they told,
That's why I sing this song.

So open up that Watergate.....

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