I'm Taking Back My Day
© 1994 Dan Scanlan

I popped out Pacific War Time
Monster Atom under my bed.
Sun rise an hour later Easter
That's what my first grade teacher said.

Nightfrost threaten Mister Pumpkin,
Dodgers, Yankees for the World,
Sun tucked hour early yesterday
Just before election flags unfurled.

Stick your
Banker-made daylight saving time back in Pavlov's vault
I got no reason, I got no rhyme to live life by default
Ain't gonna' punch your time clock no matter what the pay
And Hey! I got news for you: I'm taking back my day!
Hey! I got news for you: I'm taking back my day!

Time was I open my eyes
Million years or more or so ago
Sun warm over cloudy far
It took no tick nor tock to make it glow.

Now dangles on a fob
Heart stress by design
Misplaced infinity
Now is now so far behind.


Spot inside my belly
Thinks it knows what time it is
Gland inside my mind
Neurotransmittin' fizz.

Bell Labs flopped the light
Hawthorne Effect
E equals MC squared
A momentary defect.


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