Showdown Comin'

Copyright 1987 by Dan Scanlan

Ultra-violet sunray shining through a hole
In the ozone layer at the Southern Pole.
Earth is warming all around the globe for me -- and you, too.

Little water trickle running down the hill
Run past the factory and the high-tech mill
You know damn well it's bringing swill to me -- and you, too.

Showdown is coming this-a-way
Showdown is coming any day
You and I, we're all in the fray:
Showdown is coming this-a-way.

The chief of Central Intelligence got a tumor in the head
That kept him from revealing what the president said.
The truth of the matter is it's the truth that's dead for me -- and you, too.

Disinformation just is not the same
As dat information that the newsman claim
But dat information keeps the truth a game for me, and you, too.

Deregulation isn't what it is at all
Or we'd all be pulling the meters off of the wall
PG and E has no mitigated gall, just you -- and me, too.

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