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1. The Screw

2. Liquid Times

3. The Lead

4. Nasty Nurse Nancy

5. Little Boy and Fat Man

6. Raga Rag

7. Worst Case Scenario

8. Walking Momma's Dog

9. Good to Have You Here

10. A Peaceful Solution

11. Giant Silent Redwood

12. Privatize

13. Two Chord Song

14. Writing on the Great Divide

15. Glyph Mahalo

$15 postpaid, order by email with Paypal or through iTunes, CD Baby or DigStation




An American history from one man's viewpoint told in song with an occasional comment. Uke and voice. $15 US postpaid.

1 Showdown Comin' 02:52
2 Smart Bombs 02:57
3 Rap:47
4 Big Business 3 04:56
5 Rap :29
6 Cold November Gang 04:01
7 Rap:17
8 Open Up That Watergate 02:08
9 Rap:58
10 Racist War 03:23
11 Killin' TeeVee 03:38
12 Rap :54
13 Privatise 05:00
14 I'm a Politician 03:19
15 Rap :45
16 Good to Have You Here 04:02
17 Rap :20
18 I Saw Judi Bari 03:13
19 Rap:23
20 Giant Silent Redwood 03:27

Jukolin plays live at the Ukulele Festival in Santa Cruz CA. Killer performance. Just imagine what a jew's harp, fiddle, bass and slide National Tri-Cone can do to enhance the well-played ukulele. Short but hotly sweet. $15 U.S. Postpaid.
1 Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter 04:12
2 Good to Have You Here 05:03
3 Stardust 03:09
4 Garage Salsa 05:31
5 Band Intro 01:02
6 Sin To Tell a Lie 04:07
7 Raga Rag 09:24

Cool Hand Uke Live at Fat Cat Pie Company.
All original except for Stadust. Best solo venture yet.
$15 U.S, Postpaid.

1 Good to Have You Here 04:32
2 Why Not Pretend It's True? 03:18
3 Not a Sonata 02:56
4 Privatize 2 04:57
5 Racist War 04:10
6 Fog Dog Blues 04:51
7 I saw Judi Bari 03:18
8 Stardust 03:45
9 Maybelle 05:19
10 Tunnel of Love 03:33
11 Ten Times A Day 03:21
12 Supplicant Sally 02:25
13 Raga 2 05:43
14 Giant Silent Redwood 06:05

Standards, originals, all instrumentals!
1. Raga Rag (Scanlan) 5:40
2. JaDa (Carlton) :50
3. Lay Lady Liberty (Scanlan) 4:09
4. Liquid Times (Scanlan) 3:58
5. Washington W
onder (Scanlan) 5:00
6. Holiday for Strings (Rose) 1:07
7. Not a Sonata (Scanlan) 2:318. Fool In My Way (Scanlan) 4:08
9. Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (Ahlert/Young) 2:34
10. Paean Pane Iz (Scanlan) 2:04
11. Stardust (Parrish/Carmichael) 3:45
12. AinŐt She Sweet? (Yellen/Ager) 2:13
13. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie/Pincard/Casey) 1:41
14. Tunnel of Love (Scanlan) 2:40
15. Leaning on a Lamp (Formby) 2:55
16. Lawndale (Scanlan) 2:53
$15.00 U.S. Postpaid

Bin There - Chad Dimple and the Smirks. Cool Hand Uke takes on the CIA from Columbus through the John Kennedy Assassination to the attack on the World Trade Center. Over produced, sloppy, original, angry, insightful and accurate. Good stuff on the media. Album of the year among a small circle of friends who agree it plays reasonably well on their CD playing devices. Proves once again that the ukulele, in the hands of a political activist can be a good thing. $15.00 US postpaid.

At the Knee of the Stone Mother. Twelve song CD recorded August 1999 in a VW micro-bus on the shore of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, near the Stone Mother, a natural pyramid of tufa stone. Ukulele, guitar and braguinha. All original tunes. A thirteenth song was recorded 100 feet up Luna, a 1,000 year old tree protected by Julia Butterfly Hill who has been sitting in it for two years. (she has since left the tree and is now active around the country. $15.00 US postpaid

A Father and Son Reunion: The Braguinha Meets the Ukulele. 38-minute CD. The historic reunion of the ancestors of the ukulele with the ukulele. Madeiran and American musicians performing together. This is an historic, multi-cultural, fun experience. Learn more here. A ukulele enthusiast's must have. $15.00 US postpaid.

Interview with Flora Fox. Cassette Tape of interview with Flora Fox on October 29, 1991, her 104th birthday. Besides being a big Joe Montana fan, Ms. Fox was the grandaughter of Manuel Nunes, the inventor of the ukulele. That same day was Cool Hand Uke's 48th birthday. Flora Fox took the ukulele to the 1915 Pan Pacific Exposition in San Francisco to teach it at the Hawai'ian Pavilion. That exposition is credited with spreading the popularity of the ukulele across the nation for the next 20 years. Ukulele historians take note! $10.00 US postpaid.


Color, four page brochure on strumming.

Folks tell me it's the best. $4.00 postpaid.

NEW! Songs From the Vietnam War Era. LaSalle University established a collection within its main library of artistic and cultural responses to the Vietnam War. I was asked to contribute any songs I had written and performed during that era. This CD is my contribution and it includes the first song I ever wrote, Marshlands Void of Green, as well as several others, some on guitar, including The Boy From the Middle Class Ghetto. CD in a paper envelope. $10.00 US postpaid.

A Dream on a Star: A Girl With a Car, compiled by Dan Scanlan
A twelve-page compilation of the literature of the road gleaned by sitting, standing, pacing and musing on the on-ramps of the nation's highways at various times from April 1973 to January 1976. An absolute must for folks who want to travel while sitting on the porcelain, riding on a bus or waiting in line at the DMV. $5.00 postpaid US

Sing We Sing: Songs for the Nader Campaign. Compiled by Dan Scanlan. Tunes and recordings donated by various artists from around the country including U. Utah Phillips, Anne Feeny, Ray Korona and many others. I donated 200 copies to the Nader campaign and many others to local Green Party activists and events. Profit from each sale goes to the Nevada County Green Party. Single one-hour CD. $15 postpaid US.

The Bridger: A Secular Humanist Odyssey by Jack Wise Kennedy
A 335-page book that really isn't a novel. And it really isn't a treatise. Just what is it? Jack Wise Kennedy spent many years in institutions -- tuberculosis got him in World War II, leaving him with one lung. The federal government put him away for a crime he did not commit in the sixties. This book is the result of his studies and his experience in the federal rat holes, from the viewpoint of an ardent secular humanist. Published by Pyramid Workers Press -- named for the grunts who actually built the pyramids for the pharoahs -- and edited by Dan Scanlan. $15.00 softback postpaid US; $18.00 hardback postpaid US

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