Charleton and Ronnie
© 2001 Dan Scanlan

When Charleton Heston and Ronald Reagan rode into town
C Bb
People bolted their doors and they locked the schools down
A mad man’s Ruger sprayed bullets all around
C Bb
And three people lay bleeding dead on the ground
A Dm
When Charleton Heston and Ronald Reagan rode into town

Teflon Ronnie had a gang who chose to ride behind him

They hid out of sight but lurked where they could run him

They tugged his ropes in every fight and wrote out every whim

Trickle down bandits steal the health of their victim,

Supply side profiteers, damn the lost, the ill and dim.

Charleton had a gang that once trained the National Guard

But it got lost in puberty, its sensitivities jarred

A confused constitutiton, its manhood marred

A fondling of guns, they’re so slick and hard

A fight to bury others’ arms in the graveyard.

A dozen years or so ago a forest fire was our plight

A homeless window washer whose thinking was not right

Burned his toilet paper and it burned homes through the night

The fire raced to Smartsville, right within Ronnie’s sight,

We sent the homeless man to jail, nor was our thinking right.

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