The Cold November Gang

©1991 Dan Scanlan

Bright leaf of gold against the sky
Tall, flashing, regal, flying high
Your vibrant wonder tunes my eye
To love song mood in love's reply
Then cold November lets you die.
--Dr. Frank Sullivan
Loyola University, Los Angeles
November 22, 1963

They're adventurers and spies and they have a long-range plan
That includes you and me as merely nameless pawns
In a scrambled, futile buzzy-ness, a Zapruder film,
A motorcade of lies, adventurers and spies,
The Cold November Gang.

Oh, we were young and bright and gold and flashing in the sky
Our eyes were tuned to love song mood, love answers in the eye;
And Camelot gave vibrant wonder to our naive youth
But the Cold November Gang rode in and rustled off the Truth.

Adventurers and spies,
A motorcade of lies: The Cold November Gang.

I heard a car horn honk and Jack Ruby hollered,"Lee!"
And shot the patsie in the gut in front of live TV.
Miss Killgallen talked to Jack and this is what she said:
"I'll blow this whole thing open," and promptly died in bed.

The land was handed a heavy report to keep the big lie going
From a panel of secret agent men and Dulles and Ford and Warren.
But folks just didn't buy it, there were rumbles sea to sea
So they sent in Walter Cronkite, Mister Credibility.

Down at the DMV I got a license with a magnetic strip;
The library checked me out with an automated laser grip.
The IRS, the CIA -- they're all on the people's dole:
They build their data banks upon the Grassy Knoll.

Adventureres and spies,
A motorcade of lies: The Cold November Gang.

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