©1993 Dan Scanlan

I was at my mother's home to help put her mind at ease
I heard bold talk and giggles there on the street below the trees
I set my book down on my lap and pulled the curtain back
There's someone at that window said a voice out in the black
Said a voice out in the black.
It was just a simple look, more like a peek than peer
But in this town where I grew up, they sped away in fear,
They sped away in fear.

Lawndale, a bike ride to the surf
Lawndale, who's parked out at your curb?
Lawndale, the hub of the South Bay
Lawndale, safe and sane for fifty years, I see it fade away.
I see it fade away.

My brother James and I grew up and shared the childhood fun.
There were two J. C. Higgins bikes at Christmas '51
We learned that fun could cover up our banged up knees that hurt
There were no curbs and sidewalks then so we pedalled in the dirt
We pedalled in the dirt.
We knew no fear on Deadman's hill, we barodied at its bottom
This little town it served us well from Springtime into Autumn
From Springtime into Autumn.


Every home has got a blue light, a square that flickers pale
It says when it is time to laugh and says who's gone to jail.
It channels all the free time into a fearful hell
But when we were kids and cowboys we played our own tale
We played our own tale.
We made up stories in our heads, the good guys did prevail
But now there is a canned fear in my old home, Lawndale,
In my old home, Lawndale.

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