Fool In My Way

©1973 Dan Scanlan

There's a fool in my way,
There's a fool at the front for me.
He's rewriting everything I say
And he's coloring what I see.
I cannot get next to you,
'Cause there's a fool in my way.

When we met, we loved so fast
He chased me reeling into the past.
Now when I try to reach to you,
He wants to dance in a time that's through.
He's only a part of me, but he's keeping me from you.

When I feel I can share my heart,
The fool, he panics, and I fall apart.
He doesn't want that much at all,
Keeps on hanging like a chain and ball.
But when you and I reach that high,
I can feel that fool in me die.
'Cause he lives in me,
But not that high.

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