Ed and Mike's Car Shop

©1975, 1993, 1994 Dan Scanlan

Hangin' out at Ed and Mike's Car Shop

Working hard at making work fun

Can't get straight to keep a clean shop

But got it together for another beer run.

Valve-sucking Volkswagens, Franchise Tax Board

Wallowin' in whoopie and wonderment, too

Fiat fixin' what the Porsche can a-Ford

And Condor's mad 'cause a beer run's due!

Easy Ed and Mad Dog Donovan

Gruntin' on a bug they've gotta' shove

When the parking cop leaves the caravan

Bill Kinney he says, "Split six, Guv?"

Zippin' motor, Crazy Craig Callahan

There goes Ken, a big hole in his van

Dirty Dan Owens, Louisiana man,

Kim from Berkeley, a Karl Marx fan.

A literary shop boy-that's Pat Sauer

Runs auto parts on Dobro power.

Jim needs exhaust valves, Bob a main jet;

And Greg says Billy needs a tune-up kit.

Car owners huddle start of day

Wrenches chaw, Capitol Park Cafe

Mike Calvin's got another tip to teach,

Skinny-dippin' at Paradise Beach.

Squeeky's* workin' all alone

Charlie the Wino needs another loan

"The big man don't know I drink"

And Squeeky ain't who we all think.

Fibber and Black Dog, Orion and 'Dobe

Mellow like shop dogs ought to be

Adolph in a green long Cadillac

Brings 'em treats in a paper brown sack.

*This is true: We didn't know that Lynn, who we had trained to adjust Volkswagen valves, was a Charles Manson family member until she pulled a gun on former President Gerald Ford. She was quiet and industrious.

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