Wayne and Maybelle

©1994 Dan Scanlan

Old Wayne sits in the honky tonk his elbow on the bar
Maybelle's on the dance floor though she came in Wayne's car
Old Wayne takes a long slow drag, generic cigarette
Maybelle's dancin' close and slow--an old flame she can't forget.

Maybelle, Maybelle, look around, is everything all right?
Down at the end of the bar, look beyond the neon beer sign light!
Maybelle, Maybelle, what have you found in the dark that gives you fright?
Is your designated driver drunk again tonight?
Is your designated driver drunk again tonight?

The jukebox's playin' slow, lights' turned way down low
Girls in the corner giggle up a show;
But the cowboys on their stools, everybody's fools,
Dreamin' schemes they may never know.

Will there be apologies and ice bages at the breakfast table?
Will small talk gag the hunger in your heart?
Would you stop the black and blue if only you were able?
Would the whole thing disappear if you did not play your part?

If you did not play your part?

The barkeep clangs his bell, "Last call for alcohol,
Suck 'em up, I'm shuttin' this honkytonk down."
Old Wayne fumbles his keys, falls hard upon his knees,
Another night wasted down town.

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